Isolation and Identification of Microbial Deteriogens of Fresh Tomatoes Stored at Ambient Temperature

G. M. Obunukwu, K. S. Dike, G. E. Nwakwasi

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Monitoring Fungal Biodegradation of Low-density Polyethylene [LDPE] from Plastic Wastes Dump Sites Using FT-IR Spectra

Babatunde I. Aderiye, Richard O. Akinyeye, Adebisi Sulaimon, Olusola A. Oluwole, Fayokemi J. Kehinde, Oluwadamilola E. Ojo, Sunday O. Bamiteko

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Microbiological Quality and Shelf Life of Pickled African Walnut (Tetracarpidium conophorum) Preserved with Lactic and Citric Acids

V. C. Eze, N. Maduka, I. Ahaotu, N. N. Odu

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Review on Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases and Their Origins

M. S. Abdallah

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Evaluation of MecA Gene Occurrence of Gram Positive Bacteria Isolated from Patients with Otitis

Ömer Akgül, Yunus Çetin, Gülhan Bora, Yaser Çetin, Müzeyyen Kaya

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